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VOICE - Voice Of the International Community Experience S1 Ep12

Click any of the links below to check out episode 12 of the VOICE Podcast where Daniel and Gome discuss the topic of Leadership. What makes a good leader and what are some consequences of good and bad leadership? How does culture fit into ones leadership style and expectations of their leaders? #podcast #migrantlife #leadership #success #coaching #relationshipbasedleadership #taskbasedleadership #faith

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02 เม.ย. 2564

Great discussion as always.

A good leader will facilitate for the needs you have such as time off to do school runs, see a doctor, see a counsellor, what ever you need to ensure you are at your best when performing the tasks assigned to you.

If a leader focuses solely on your emotional well-being and not productivity ,the company will not make profit then how will you pay your bills ,feed your family etc.

P.s it is your responsibility to make sure the is a part 2 to this 👌

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