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Hi, I am Gomezga (Gomé) Simfukwe, founder of Noelani Counselling Services (NCS). A qualified counsellor, I have spent much of my past working with both youth and adult groups helping participants to deal with personal and family related issues. My work and interest in this area started at an early stage where I was actively involved in a youth group in Zambia. This and my subsequent experiences and qualifications have allowed me to provide practical counselling skills and advice to enhance communications and positive outcomes for the people I work with.

In my previous life I attained a Masters in Professional Accounting, a Masters in International Business and a Certificate III in Micro Business Operations. I have over 10 years experience working as a Business Analyst and Business Account Manager in IT projects with RACWA. In that time my passion for counselling was reignited as I saw the great need for people to feel valued and heard from both colleagues and customers. Consequently, I am keen to work with organisations to ensure that they get the best out of their employees through offering organisation assistance program services (OAP's).  

I also have a particular interest in working with men to reshape what it means to be a man in contemporary society. Men are killing themselves at an alarming rate due to the absence of a support system that they can rely on when things get tough. Our current perception of what it means to be a man does very little to help nullify the issues that we face constantly. I have a firm belief in the value of relationships as a way of combating mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, suicide, etc. and have therefore developed a mens group where as men we can share our lives in an environment that is accepting and empathic.

I have a Master of Counselling and Graduate Diploma in Counselling from Murdoch University and a Bachelor Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Perth Bible College. I worked as an Associate Pastor for two years in a small church in the northern suburbs of Perth, WA.


My approach to counselling is to be very ‘person centered in both group and individual settings. My work experiences and future interest lies in providing a proactive and holistic approach to health. Through collaboration with allied health professionals, my goal is to give clients a one-stop shop for their complete health needs.

NCS is an Australian Sole Trading business which is registered for GST. It's vision is to be recognised and valued as a key provider of counselling services by organisations, individuals and groups. This will be achieved through the delivery of personalised proactive and holistic health services.

With Focus Insurance as the provider, NCS has a combined professional indemnity and business public liability Insurance policy.

I am a current member and registered supervisor of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). Consequently, I am committed to continually developing my skillset. My practice is governed by the ACA Code of Practice and my membership gives me access to a wide range of resources. I have a Working With Children's Card and also possess a current Australian Federal Police Clearance.

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