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Person-Centred Therapy

Person-Centred therapy operates according to three basic principles that reflect the attitude of the therapist to the client:

  1. Congruence - Congruence is also called genuineness.  It is one of the most important attributes in counselling. The therapist is keen to allow the client to experience them as they really are. In short, the therapist is authentic.

  2. Unconditional Positive Regard - For people to change and fulfil their potential, it is important that they are valued as they are. This requires the therapist to have a deep and genuine concern for the client.  The therapist may not always approve of the client's actions, but they always approve of the client. In short, the therapist needs an attitude of "I accept you as you are."  

  3. Empathy - Empathy refers to the therapist's ability to understand sensitively and accurately the client's experience and feelings in the here-and-now. An important task of the counsellor is to follow precisely what the client is feeling and to communicate this understanding to the client.

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